Bernard    Art Direction, Story & Animation    


Art Direction, Story & Animation


Romain   Animation



Othwerway   Ad Agency


Ad Agency


What is Robot?


We are a specialist youth media agency set up to help brands reach a new generation of young people in the most interesting and effective ways possible.

The Animation

We had to show that the big media agencies are churning out the same products for any kind of client. We came up with the idea of using an old clunky sausage machine that anything that gets thrown in produces the same results. One of the sausages is then moulded to a big balloon dog which represents what agency Robot think is the right solution (i.e. bespoke). 

We then move on to Robot with green visuals and very cool illustrations that show how Robot works. Clients can choose a range of media solutions and deal directly with media owners.

A short coming soon animation