Bernard   Creative Director

Creative Director

Pat  Art Director

Art Director

Nico  Animation


Aimar  Music & Sound Design

Music & Sound Design


Grown up debit cards for growing kids

Soldo's target market for their Family product, is obviously in the name. Through research, we've identified that both parents and kids were important targets and we had to find a common ground between communicating with parents while still being on the side of their kids as this would be something that they would like to have.

We came up with NURTURE as Soldo's unique value and worked on creating an empowering tone of voice that reflected this. It gives the parents confidence that their kids are learning about money management and safe spending whilst at the same time allowing the kids to become autonomous and not have to rely on parents for money all the time. 

The story

Nurture your kids by teaching them how to take care of themselves in ‘real world’ situations; crossing the road, riding a bike, driving a car, and spending. Soldo Family offers parents an opportunity to guide, and thus liberate, their kids in the world of spending.

Production & Shoot

We created the video using a big mixture of things. Real life objects, objects fabricated in paper and 2D animation all composited in After Effects for the perfect story. Check out how we made this in the video below.