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Bernard    Creative Direction


Creative Direction

Adrien    Design



Romain    Animation



Aimar    Music & Sound Design


Music & Sound Design

The Story


Hotjar approached Beast Collective to come up with a promo video that introduces what they do to a new audience. We worked on bringing out Hotjar's personality and original tone of voice starting with a geeky but at the same time charming music track. The visuals followed this up-beat track while keeping the simple, clean and minimalistic style of the Hotjar brand. 

The story is based on guesstimations that web designers and developers make when building websites. Hotjar offers brands proof about their users's behaviours which means there's no need for guessing anymore.


Hotjar's interface is very clean, so we wanted to keep the same look and feel so that the video feels part of the Hotjar Brand. We've added flair and colour to make it entertaining and dynamic, keeping the intelligent, geeky but charming look brought from the music track.


The animation had to be energetic to match the music but still describe how Hotjar can help website owners understand how their visitors use their website. 



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