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Creative Strategy

We work with brands to define their creative communications strategy. That may involve naming a brand, identifying key values and target markets, coming up with tag lines and setting a tone of voice.


We produce high quality 2D, 3D and stop motion animations. Motion graphics, explainers, character animations, web and TV promos. Animation brings our visuals to life, to create an attractive and compelling story. 


Video is taking over the web, but it's also taking over art galleries, high street shops and other public places. At Beast Collective we design and build installations as well as produce interactive video content online.

Social Media

Video on the web and social media channels has gone BIG in the last few years. We're in the best position to produce great content tailored to social media for our clients. Short video snippets and character animations can be used to enhance a campaign through sites like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Scripts and Storyboards

The most important part of creating a video is the story. We write scripts based on the brand's creative strategy, that speaks to their right target market. Communicating a clear message through beautiful striking visuals is the key.

Design and Illustration

Brands are constantly fighting for attention in a very crowded space. A strong script needs to be backed with beautiful visuals. From graphics, to character design, to styling of actors for live action projects.

Live action video

We specialise in filming live action videos, be it outdoors or in studios. From casting to styling, make up, lights & cameras, right to the final edit. We can also integrate live action videos with animations.

Music and Sound Design

Videos are only ready when the right music and sound design is added. At Beast Collective, we collaborate with the best musicians and sound designers in the world to compose the right track and produce the right mix for each video. We see sound as the glue that holds a video together.


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