Whether it's 2D, 3D, Stop Motion or Character animation, one thing is sure... at Beast Collective we love to make things move!



Character Animation

Animation is a fun communication medium, and nothing can be more fun than creating characters and bringing them to life. Animated characters add a lot of humour to any story, and viewers can be engaged much more thanks to that.

Here are a few examples of animated characters we've produced:


Characters from our project Workangel

Click here to view


Characters from Ampfly

Click here to view

Characters from Yoobic Explorers

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Stop Motion

It takes a lot of time to fabricate beautiful objects and animating them step by step. Stop Motion projects require a lot of patience but are very rewarding. 

Here are some objects we created and a bit of behind the scenes clips that show all the work that goes in creating a stop motion animation:

Motion Graphics

You could say that motion graphics is another word for animation. The main difference could be just like the difference between illustration and graphic design. Animation is the equivalent of illustration, whereas Motion graphics is the equivalent of graphic design. Motion graphics is in fact graphic design in motion. Motion graphics have become popular thanks to the consumption of video on the web and the availability of cheaper and more accessible software.

Motion Graphics helps us tell brand stories through compelling moving images that engages viewers and helps deliver the message.

Here are some examples of Motion Graphics created by Beast Collective:


Logo Animation

The logo is very important for any brand. Animation can add personality to brand logos and sometimes it helps to communicate brand values in a few seconds. 

Here are some examples of animated logos that we've done for the brands that we work with:


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