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We love working with start-ups and new brands, because it gives us the opportunity to work on the communications strategy at the very start of the business. That way we can be more accountable for what we do, and the brand's success depends a lot on us getting that communications strategy right. We follow these steps to create a great creative strategy for our clients:

1. Identifying the right target market and competition through in depth research.

2. Identifying the brand's core key values and differentiation from competitors.

3. Bringing out the one key value that the market will relate to.

4. Write a great brand line, and find the right brand voice.

5. Make sure that all this is consistent through all the communications.



Case Study: Soldo Family

1. Target Market

Soldo's target market for their Family product, is obviously in the name. Through research, we've identified that both parents and kids were important targets and we had to find a common ground between communicating with parents while still being on the side of their kids as this would be something that they would like to have.


2. The competition and their core values

Soldo's competitors in the 'family' space were mainly 2 in the UK. They both had similar values but each one pushed one value more than another. We identified these and made a comparison with Soldo Family.


3. Soldo Family's unique value

After identifying the competitor's values, we realised that Soldo needed to differentiate heavily to own this very young and still developing market. Soldo was better positioned in terms of product, as it had already worked internally on a 'personal' adult product earlier, which meant that we could find a very unique value and add product features to highlight this value.


We came up with NURTURE as Soldo's unique value and worked on creating an empowering tone of voice that reflected this. It gives the parents confidence that their kids are learning about money management and safe spending whilst at the same time allowing the kids to become autonomous and not have to rely on parents for money all the time. 

"Nurture your kids by teaching them how to take care of themselves in ‘real world’ situations; crossing the road, riding a bike, driving a car, and spending. Soldo Family offers parents an opportunity to guide, and thus liberate, their kids in the world of spending."

To push the Nurture value within the product, we came up with a product update suggestion that was taken up by the client. The idea was to create different levels of autonomy as the kids progress in learning about money management. Kids could be rewarded if they have managed their money well, as well as penalised if they didn't. Debit Cards (or accounts) are colour coded allowing kids to make clear progress by managing their money correctly. Each new card and account level can only be accessed when kids are a certain age, and if they have passed the previous level.

4. The Brand line and product description

We came up with a brand line that brings out the 'Nurture' value of Soldo Family while empowering the kids:

Soldo Family. Grown up debit cards, for growing kids

As soon as the client signed off on the key value, we started working in parallel on visuals that we can use on the website, videos and other brand content. We looked at the mix of illustrations with real objects since the product is a digital service that builds upon an old system. 

Since the product is quite complex to explain, we wanted to communicate this as simple as possible so that people who read it, get what it is right away and they are intrigued to find out more.

Shared accounts, debit cards & apps for parents teaching their kids how to spend wisely.

5. Website, brand video and beyond

We collaborated with a web development studio in Lyon to create a flexible website for Soldo. Besides working on a simple backend that allowed the client to change and adapt sections as they require, we made sure that the visuals and messaging carried through the video, the website and all other comms.

We worked on all the copy writing for the website and the scrip writing of the video to make sure everything is consistent..


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