Live Action



Casting and Styling

For a live action video, choosing the right actors for the job is extremely important. We organise casting sessions for every live action production to make sure that the actors work well with the brand and with the message that we want to communicate. 

Also part of the 'cast' are the props, and clothes that the actors will be wearing. We create storyboards to help the stylists  as well as the client, visualise what the end result will look like.

A great example for this is the production we did for WorkClip. Here are some comparison shots:

Storyboard Styling Sketch

Final Result

Studio or Outdoor

Whether it's in a studio, outdoors, or even at the client's office, we always make sure we choose the right location to tell the story in the best way possible. We collaborate with the best lighting and equipment providers and are confident to have one of the most professional live action teams in London and Lyon.

Live Action Video examples


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