Scripts and Storyboards



Scripts & Storyboards

The most important part of creating a video is the story. We write scripts based on the brand's creative strategy, that speaks to their right target market. Communicating a clear message through beautiful striking visuals is the key.

Storyboards help us as much as they help our clients. We create storyboards, from very rough and quick sketches to extremely detailed visuals. Everyone involved can picture the same final result, which makes it easier for the team to produce the best work they can.

Case Study: Workangel

Here's a case study showing how the Scriptwriting and storyboarding processes work. It shows how script and visuals work hand in hand. To know more about this project click here to go to the project page.

Script example

We open in a small office of people. They look glum and uninterested in work. The clock ticks loud and slow. 
"Did you know, employees with low engagement are four times more likely to be unproductive and leave their job?"

Storyboard example

Result of the sequence


Storyboard example

Script example

We cut to a staff member posing in an amazing new dress. We see ’25% off’ on a sign in the background. Next we see her wearing that dress in a restaurant as she eats a big lobster that has “40% off” around its claw. We then see her in the new dress, holding the lobster with cucumbers on her eyes and a face mask on, as she enjoys a spa day. Finally, we see her crowd surfing in the new dress, holding the lobster with cucumbers on her eyes as she attends a heavy metal concert.

"it’s a tax-effective way to save employees thousands a year on shopping, dining, lifestyle and entertainment!"

Result of the sequence


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