Bernard    Animation



Chris   Sound Design


Sound Design


What is Solo? 

Solo is a beautiful business management application for creative freelancers. The company behind the web application Thrive, asked Beast Collective to create an animation to launch their version 2.


The Animation

The animation had to reflect the beauty of the application itself, so it was a very difficult challenge to transmit that to moving image. 

Some scenes were animated frame by frame in after effects to achieve a detailed level of animation required. 

The Story

The animation had to highlight the best uses of the application; mainly, Quotes & Invoicing, Business Metrics, Project Planning & Time Management.

We created a script and storyboard after the client agreed to the style of animation. We created the logo animation first.


Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 19.47.23.png

Chris composed the music track to reflect the energy of the animation. The track had to allow space for the Voice Over to be clear while at the same time keep the pace of the animation.