Bernard    Art Direction & Animation    


Art Direction & Animation


Romain   Boards & Animation


Boards & Animation


What is Transferwise? 


Sending money abroad is far more expensive than meets the eye. At least it used to be. Now TransferWise lets you transfer money between countries at the very lowest possible cost. 

TransferWise is backed by a fantastic team of smart investors who believe that there’s a dire need for innovation in financial services. In addition to the great institutional investors, they are supported by private individuals who founded or are building PayPal, Skype, Betfair, and others.

The Story

TransferWise wanted to create a fun video that shows how banks are over charging people for transferring their money abroad.

We worked with the client to create a story that did exactly that, in a fast turnaround (2 weeks to write, storyboard & animate).



The Animation

The style of the animation had to reflect the new TransferWise brand and also the quirkiness of the script. We had to solve complex problems to explain the concept in a visually interesting way (Exchange rate!) but managed quite well considering the production time.