Bernard   Production & Creative Direction   


Production &
Creative Direction


Pat   Art Direction & Design


Art Direction & Design

Romain   Animation



Phil   Writer



Aimar   Music & Sound Design


Music & Sound Design

The Story

The brief was to show the pain points future WorkAngel clients currently have. We wanted to start with a dull and boring office and then present a colourful environment when talking about the WorkAngel product. 

The contrast between the pain points and the Workangel benefits worked well in presenting the obvious solution for such companies to adopt. 

The visual style in the animation adds another layer of fun in the whole video.




The design had to reflect the WorkAngel app itself. The designers at Workangel had already done a good job creating a big library of icons to be used in the app itself. This meant that we had quite a lot of basis to work on, so Pat started designing lots of characters based on that design.

The style is very fun to work with and it puts Workangel well ahead of the competition. It shows that the client is pushing forward their industry, which is why we like working with them!


The animation proved to be quite complex since we had quite a few characters to animate. We used Rubberhose as a tool for rigging the characters, but because this was quite heavy on the software memory we had to produce rough animations before overlaying the real design. 

Here are some gifs highlighting the process and scene details you might have missed.


Live Action

We have also produced a Live Action video to present the company values, through it's founders, staff, investors and their clients.