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Your money, your rules


It is an exciting challenge to work on the creative strategy of a company trying to change the way people do their day to day banking. Soldo (coin / money in Italian) is re-inventing banking the way it should work in today's digital age. Soldo bank cards are connected to your smartphone which becomes your 'control centre'. Clever and easy to use tools that help you see what you're spending your money on clearly and the power to control where your money goes with the power of a tap! 

We came up with Your money, your rules as a fitting tagline for Soldo, that describes the company's mission as well as describing how day to day banking should be like.

The story

The challenge was to explain a new concept to consumers who are used to banking in it's traditional form. We wanted the video to speak to everyone and not only the tech savvy. Therefore we came up with the idea of a 'game' where you control what's happening. The coins move along this path that is controlled by you in the Soldo world as opposed to a 'pachinko' type game where you have no control of the coins that seem to be going anywhere they want.

Production & Shoot

In order to make Soldo friendly and appealing, we wanted to create a real physical game and show the controls on the Soldo app represented in the physical world. Telling the story in this way was a big challenge as opposed to animating it in graphics, however we think it helps in showing Soldo as a friendly brand that offers great value to its consumers. 



A special thanks goes to the great team of people who worked super hard to make this happen so fast!


Producer & Creative Director: Bernard Magri
Art Director & Art Production: Pat Grivet
Creative Strategy & Writing: Cat & Hanna
Production Assistant: Valentin Nouvel
Production Assistant: Chloe Link
Production Assistant: Romane Berger

Photography: Ghislain Mirat

Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio




Special Thanks


Gauthier & Oscar at Studio Flair for providing the camera equipment, help and expertise.

Ghislain Mirat for providing the lenses